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Hello. My name is Rafael. I'm a first-generation American whose parents are from Mozambique, Africa. I'm an outdoor enthusiast living in Indianapolis, IN. I enjoy planning outings with friends to go hiking, kayaking, and participating in other outdoor activities with me. My love for outdoor activities really began in 2018. I got tired of waiting for friends to join me, so I started venturing on my own. I first started kayaking. After my third solo trip kayaking, people began to notice and started asking me questions and wanting to join. Fast forward to current, I have planned and shared my kayaking, hiking, cycling, and rock climbing/rappelling adventures with friends. I like sharing my adventures with friends because this is really how you get to know people. When you're driving 2hrs to go hiking, you talk. When you're out in the woods on the trails, you have nothing to do but enjoy the outdoors and talk. It's like nature creates an environment for everyone to share and learn things you would not normally discover about each other. I like traveling because I want to explore new places. There's so much more to see and so many different cultures to experience and learn from than the place I call home. I want to live life with a sense of purpose and adventure. I hope you enjoy looking at the pictures and watching videos of the adventures I've been on.


Raf's Travel Adventures

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